KSP (Kontakt Scripting) - Bitmap Font Type Generator for Kontakt 6+ v1.21 FAQ

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Output Kontakt Font

enter or select a font

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  • testet on the following Browsers | runs best on a desktop computer
    Chrome, Firefox (w/o letter spacing), Opera, Edge, Iron Browser, Blisk
  • optional: crop the sprite to your needs
    • all the red dots must stay visible
    • the glyphs may not overlap or cross the red dots
      leave at least one pixel space between the largest glyph and red dots
  • optional: if kerning of the font is too aggressive adjust the letter-spacing
  • hit apply then export and store the sprite into the Resources/pictures/ folder of your Kontakt instrument
  • optional: read the accompanying tutorial on how to load own fonts into Kontakt 6
    hint: this tutorial also comes with a little helper tool. A nki which lets you quickly check how the font really looks inside kontak


Due to your cookie settings the youtube video can't be shown. You can still watch this video on youtube https://youtu.be/i1xdsM54BPU.

Please also note the special privacy policy of google

  1. select a font or copy & paste a Google font type name.
  2. set the size, color and font weight
  3. Optional: type in a custom text sample to verify that everything looks good.
  4. hit the apply button
  5. adjust the y-pos (line-height) and crop the sprite
    • make sure that the font does not overlap or cross the red dots
    • leave at least 1px space between the red dots and largest glyph / character
      (which is usually "|" or "[ ]")
  6. hit Apply then Export
  7. store the sprite into the Resources/Pictures folder of your kontakt instrument
  8. don't forget the with the same filename as your font sprite:

      That text file is only needed to be able to store the font image into the resources container (.nkr)

      An empty txt file with the same file name is all you need

      The font will still work because Kontakt only needs the red dots for reference

  9. HINT: Sometimes a fancy font or a very small font size just doesn't work:
    • try to adjust the letter spacing then
    • or adjust line height if one of the glyphs has overlapped or crossed the red dots

The font integration works via the Kontakt Script Processor (KSP) or Kontakt Scripting.
For more detailed instructions with code examples read the accompanying tutorial.

There is also an extra display tool for Kontakt 6 to quickly display your own fonts within Kontakt

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Unfortunately, no. Depending on the font or license, it may not be allowed to upload certain fonts to third-party servers.
Google fonts are all licensed under the Open Font License (OFL) and also come with a very developer friendly API. So we decided to only support Google fonts.